Charges filed after 12-year-old girl says she was groped at school


An investigation is underway in League City after a 12 year-old girl says she was touched inappropriately at school. The girl was at lunch at Victory Lakes Intermediate when she says a boy first made a derogatory comment. Then she says two boys repeatedly put their hands on a private part of her body.
"My sister was sexually harassed," says Laura Maldonado. "This is something she’s going to carry with her for the rest of her life."  The incident happened last Wednesday, according to Maldonado. She adds that her younger sister was approached by a boy during lunchtime at school.

"He told her, 'You have really big breasts.' After that, she slapped him and told him, 'Don't talk to me like that because you're making me uncomfortable." 
In the Victory Lakes Intermediate cafeteria in the Clear Creek Independent School District, the 12-year-old girl says the boy apologized and returned to his seat.

"Then he came back a few minutes later with one of his fellow classmates and they proceeded to push each other into her so they could grab her breasts," describes Maldonado. The girl says she later went to the office and reported to a school employee that the two boys groped her breasts.  

"And she was asked, 'Do you know the names of the boys?,' explains Maldonado. "My sister said 'No, I do not know the names of the boys' and she was told to come back tomorrow during lunch if you can find out the names of the boys."  

Maldonado tells FOX 26 News that her parents weren’t notified, nor was the worker’s supervisor. She feels her sister was initially ignored.
"This is so serious of a subject right now," says Maldonado. "What message does that send to these girls? When you get assaulted, make sure you ask your assailant what their name is and that way we can help you?  Unacceptable."  
Maldonado says the district told her the incident was caught on school surveillance video and is under investigation.   

Clear Creek ISD released a statement which says in part: 

The students involved in this incident have been disciplined in accordance with CCISD Student Code of Conduct.  The female student did the right thing and reported the incident to an adult. The school district is reviewing how school staff handled the initial report and will take the necessary steps to guarantee any student report of this nature is acted upon immediately.

Assault by contact charges have been filed against one of the boys, according to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

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