Challenger Garcia claims Congressman Green sacrifices environment, backs big industry

- When it comes to heavy industry, you will find few Congressional Districts which can compare with the 29th of Texas.

Five different refineries and petro chemical infrastructure, in some areas, as far as the eye can see.It's a complex that produces plenty of employment, but also plenty of pollution.

Candidate Adrian Garcia says the incumbent he hopes to replace has left public health woefully unprotected.

"You are representing an industry and you are forgetting about the constituents who gave you permission to represent you in Washington," said Garcia.

Garcia claims 12-term Congressman Gene Green has voted 133 times against measures that would have cut pollution and improved water quality.

Green counters that his prevailing mission for 22 years has been keeping folks employed.

"Every time we poll in our district, making sure people get the opportunity to get a job is number one. So that's what I want to do. I want those jobs to be safe and clean, but also want to make sure someone in Galena Park or east end of Houston have an opportunity to support a family," said Green.

Green submits he's fought plenty of environmental battles including his ongoing struggle to force complete clean-up of the Dioxin dump at the San Jacinto River Waste Pits. He contends representing the 29th demands a careful balance between environment and industry.

"If they don't feel like they can make a profit here and be successful they will just transfer that production somewhere else," said Green.

Garcia claims that's a cop out and the consequence has been the compromise of his  community's good health.

"You don't resist regulation. I think regulation is there for the right reason and helps everyone involved," said Garcia.

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