Bullied Cinco Ranch HS student expelled, family fights district

- Activist Quannel X is asking Katy ISD Superintendent Alton Frailey to get personally involved in a bullying incident in the district, that has caused a student to get expelled from her high school.

Quannel attended a meeting at Cinco Ranch High School with Tatiana Rountree and her daughter, Honesti, Monday morning.

The decision by the school district was made final at the meeting. Honesti, who is charged with assault for a fight at the school, will not be allowed back on the CRHS campus for the rest of the school year.

"Me going to an alternative school is going to effect me going to college, and it will be on my record," Honesti told Fox-26, disappointed by the school district's decision.

Tatiana Rountree says the situation should never have escalated to this point, but it did, she claims, because the CRHS did nothing about bullying allegations first reported in November. The Rountree's reported several incidents of bullying by a group of girls that jeopardized Honesti's safety. At one point, Katy ISD's campus police escorted Honesti to her bus because the girls had threatened violence.

The Rountrees believe that the victim of the bullying is the only one being punished by the school.

"They are being negligent against children, not only my child. They are allowing students who make complaint like this, and threats like this, to stay in school," her mother says. "So, they're effecting the health and welfare of the other children who walk into that building every single day.

Activist Quannel X is now representing the Rountrees. He tells Fox-26 that, at the morning meeting, the principal admitted to the family he had dropped the ball.

Quannel says Frailey should now step in and show the district, and others watching this case, that the district has "a zero tolerance policy for racism, bigotry, and terroristic threats."

Katy ISD says the school did not drop the ball.

In a written statement, it said the students who were found to have engaged in the inappropriate behavior did sustain consequences for their actions. But the district claims that there was no accusation of racism with the Rountree's complaint until Quanell X got involved.

Katy ISD says privacy laws prevent the disclosure of more details on the situation, but, the statement says, if the full story was known, "the public sentiment would likely not be with the narrative currently being formulated and promoted by the effected parties."

Here is the full length of Katy ISD's statement:

We're at a great disadvantage as a school district, as we cannot say all that we know due to FERPA law. If this story could be told in its entirety, the public sentiment would likely not be with the narrative currently being formulated and promoted by the affected parties.

However, we would like to clarify information that has been falsely reported by the parent’s representative – Quannell X. His statements are inaccurate. Prior to today, Tatiana Rountree had not brought forth any allegations of racial slurs to the attention of administrators, nor were there three other students involved attacking the student in question on campus on February 19. According to eyewitnesses, the incident involved only one other student, and that individual was identified as the victim by all eyewitnesses.

Katy ISD takes reports of alleged bullying very seriously as the safety and security of our students is the District’s top priority. Any student who engages in threatening written or verbal expression, or physical conduct that occurs on school property or at a school sponsored event will be appropriately disciplined as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. In this case, all students who were found to have engaged in inappropriate behavior, sustained consequences for their participation.

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