Buc-ee's sues Choke Canyon over logo

The trademark logos are at the center of this trade war between Buc-ee's and Choke Canyon. Do they look a lot alike?

"In a way it it does. Kind of similar in a way. Yeah...“ said Jennifer Diaz.

"If you were driving down the freeway would you mix them up?"  I asked.

“I wouldn't,” said Cisco Flores.

"Yeah Buc-ee's is a little more popular. If they were to see it they would probably recognize it right off the bat," added Diaz.

But the beaver’s people think people could indeed mix them up, so they've been busy little beavers themselves. They’ve filed a federal lawsuit against the San Antonio-based Choke Canyon chain. They allege trademark infringement and dilution. They’re calling the alligator another type of animal, a copycat.

There’s a lot of money at stake here. In 2015, Bucc-ee's had sales of almost a billon dollars.

"We are defending ourselves in this case. We don't feel it has any merit. We believe there’s no possible confusion between the alligator and the beaver," said defense attorney Charles Hanor.

The trial could last a week.

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