Bridge jumper speaks out as sheriff's office issues warning

- Video circulating around the area depicts teens jumping off of bridges and into Lake Woodlands and surrounding lakes. As these videos have been garnering some attention and possible copy cats, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is issuing a warning.

The sheriff's office says so far this year, they know of at least 5 or 6 instances from area bridges around Lake Woodlands where teens are using them to perform those risky jumps.

One of those teens is 19-year-old Javorus Moore.

Moore is one of a handful of jumpers who have posted videos online showing off the stunt, but it does have law enforcement concerned

"They're jumping from the bridges, they're not knowing the depth of the water," says Lt. Scott Spencer with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office saying some bridges that have been used are public while others require private property to trespass before getting to the ledge and jumping. Therefore some of these risk takers are breaking the law

Moore says recording the video provides proof that he pulled off the daring act and that he's experienced at his stunts.

Of the 5 or 6 bridge jumping instances that the sheriff's office knows about, Lieutenant Spencer says 3 have had law enforcement involved.

"We have located children that are doing it. We've called the parents and informed them. The parents have come out. We talked to them about the dangers of this thing and we are hoping that these are not repeat offenders," says Lt. Spencer, "I guess the power of social media has kind of spread the other children to maybe want to participate and that's why we've had so many instances this year."

Lt. Spencer says this sort of stunt is new to the area so they will be working with the prosecuting attorney's office to make sure everyone stays safe and follows the law.

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