Badly decomposed body found behind Wirt Road apartment complex

- A badly decomposed body was found behind an apartment complex at 2201 Wirt Road in northwest Houston.

Houston police were called to the scene this morning when some lawn maintenance workers discovered the body. The workers come once a month to take care of the trees and the grass in the large open field.

Police say the body was badly decomposed and they’re not sure how long it’s been there. Houston detectives say the body was so unrecognizable that they couldn’t even tell what race the person was.

Police said they found something strange on the head, possibly a wound, but could not go into detail.

The body was lying on top of a dirty mattress surrounded by trash. They also found money with the body but do not believe it was a robbery.

At this time, police say it doesn’t look like a suicide or like the body was dumped there.

“It doesn’t appear that he was moved at all,” said HPD Homicide Detective Mark Coleman. “It appears that whatever happened, happened to him here. Whether that be by natural causes or some sort of trauma or foul play, it happened at this location. It doesn’t appear that he was moved in any way. It doesn’t appear like what we refer to as a body dump. That’s not what it appears.”

Detectives say based on an ID they found on the person, they believe he is a Hispanic male, but they could not confirm until forensic tests are completed.

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