One Houston area school district relaxing its dress code next year

You often hear about schools enforcing dress codes so students can focus less on what they're wearing and more on their studies.  But one district in Galveston County is doing the opposite.  Next year students at Dickinson High School will have more options to wear to school.  The district's stance is why should teachers have to focus on whether someone's wearing stripes, when they could focus on making sure students get the education they deserve.

When it comes to fashion it's hard to find a teenager who doesn't have a lot to say, about what they want to wear.

"Some people may want to wear Abercrombie and Hollister shirts and now they will get the chance to do that," 11th grader Colby Anderson said.

"Girlier clothes because then I have like a boyish haircut so it's harder," sophomore Fabiola Alonzo said.

"I do think it was a little too strict. We couldn't really be the people that we are," 11th grader Scooter Anderson said.

The standard at Dickinson High School is students in plain shirts or only college logos or shirts that promote school spirit.  The list goes on.  Now even administrators say enough is enough.

"We'll be more focused on what's happening with student achievement and focusing on the behaviors that are a real problem instead of just what we're wearing," Principal Billye Smith said.

Smith says moderation is still key.  She says not only will there be less write ups, it will save parents money on giving students more options to wear.

"We get a lot of kids here who will say this is the only thing I have cleaned today, so we're just delighted that they're here so we can teach them," Smith said.

She adds giving students more of a choice is a lesson in itself.

"That's part of growing up. Find your identity. Find where you fit in this world so for teenagers that's a really important time in their life," Smith said.

These students already have an idea on what next year will look like.

"I can wear girlier clothing that has flowers, or it's pink," Alonzo said.

"Some people may want to express themselves with facial hair.  We're hopefully gonna get that back," Harbuck said.

The principal says one rule that will stick is students not being able to wear long coats and that comes to safety and ensuring no one has a weapon.

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