Astros win first game of ALDS

- As the first game of the American League Division Series wrapped up fans packed the streets of downtown Houston.

"The Astros are looking like a core team, we are a family and at the end of the day that's what showed tonight so I'm proud of them, go Astros", says Lionel Pantoja.


"We need this, we need this, easy wins, hey come on Red Socks, let's go", says Clint Bracken.

The man on everyone's mind, number 27 second baseman Jose Altuve. Altuve wowed the crowds with three home runs during the 8-3 game. The first Astros player to do so in a single post season game and only the ninth time ever for a player in MLB history.


"Oh MVP, MVP, all the way", commented friends Reggie Buchanan & Shirleybob Gowe.


"Oh my goodness, Altuve, MVP, what else can we ask for right", says Pantoja.


For many the first game was a preview and a bit of encouragement for how the rest of the series may go.


"It's really been a historic season Lindsey, it's been a lot of fun, our fans have been with us throughout the way and now our fans, because we had such a great start, they have been waiting for the playoffs and now the playoffs are finally here", says Gene Dias, VP of communications with the Houston Astros.


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