Associate family court judge admits to injuring girl, fails to pay judgment

Last November, voters elected Julia Maldonado as judge in the 507th Family Court.

She appointed attorney Jim Evans as the associate judge for her court.

“In family law it’s what’s in the best interest of the children that’s the bottom line and things that occurred were not in the best interest of my children,” said this mother who asked that we not show her face.

She has this Agreed Final Order that states associate judge Jim Evans ”be permanently enjoined from coming within 100 feet of her children.”

“If I did not come forward to say this I couldn’t live with myself,” the mother said.

There’s even more disturbing revelations in the public court documents.

“Some judges have blemishes personal blemishes so what,” said attorney Elsie Martin-Simon. “But this is injury to a child that’s different.”

Court documents state, “On September 2, 2013 Jim Evans assaulted a female age 11 by grabbing the child’s shoulders pushing her to the floor and causing her to fall on the floor. In this altercation Jim Evans landed on top of the child breaking the child’s ankle.”

“He grabbed her twice, she said 'get your hands off of me' and he still grabbed her lost his footing she broke her ankle his assault was the cause of her injury,” Martin-Simon said.

As a licensed attorney Judge Evans was required by law to report the girl’s injuries.

“He did not report it,” Martin-Simon said.

Something else the associate family law judge has yet to do.

Pay a $25,000 judgment court documents state he agreed to pay to the injured girl’s mother.

“Nothing, no letter, no money, no nothing,” said the injured girl’s mother.

“When you agree to do something, you should do it and especially if you’re an attorney and now as an associate judge you should follow the law yourself and follow court orders yourself,” Martin-Simon said. “Everybody else does well they have to if not there are consequences.”

We wanted to know if Judge Maldonado knew about the agreed order Evans signed before making him her associate judge. And of course we have questions for the associate judge about the agreed order he signed.

Could his personal family court drama affect how he rules in cases he presides over?

We went down to the 507th family court a little after 3 o’clock and we asked to talk to Judge Maldonado and associate judge Jim Evans.

The court coordinator told us they were in a meeting and she would ask them.

About 40 minutes later the court was locked and no one was around.

So we made our way to the district clerk’s office for the 507th where we were told the judge and associate judge were still in a meeting.

After waiting for three hours, we were told the judge and associate judge have left the building.

Prior to spending an afternoon at the courthouse we called and left messages for both judges after we first became aware of the agreed final order Evans signed. Our calls were not returned. 

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