Calorie Counting App dishes insults as motivation

Have you heard about the new dieting app called Carrot Hunger – Talking Calorie Counter? It's a judgmental calorie counter that talks to you.  The developer say's his app's sarcastic, sassy voice is modeled after he women in his life.

Here's part of the app's description:
After watching humans indiscriminately stuff their chubby faces for far too long, CARROT has scienced up a calorie counter that will reward you for healthy eating - and punish you for overindulging.

 Simply tap CARROT's ocular sensor, then start typing to search her enormous food database. Or you can open her barcode scanner to scan the UPC of the item you just wolfed down

See A Food's True Cost   Did you know you need to go for a 90 minute walk just to burn off the calories contained in a single slice of pizza? CARROT will convert a food's calories into terms you can actually understand, like how many miles you'll need to run to work off a donut.

Caught cheating and the app will blimp up your avatar and publicly shame you on your social media accounts. If that's not enough it will also verbally guilt you. 
Brian Mueller says he created "Carrot Hunger" as a funny and judgmental alternative to more conventional calorie counting apps.
"I've gotten a lot of great feedback from users who say it's a great deterrent to over eating," Mueller said.
The app is available for free in the Apple App store.

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