Animal advocates want justice for abused dog

- “They tried to break her body, and they may have shattered a bone, but they didn’t shatter her spirit,” said Jenny Brady.

She goes by "Kally" and up until recently she had a life no living creature should have to endure.

“She’s had nothing but pain and hardship,” said Shelby Roquemore, a volunteer with the Harris County Animal Shelter.

It appears her ears were cropped as a puppy and not under a vet’s care.

It’s just heartbreaking that somebody could take a pair of scissors or some sharp object and just destroy her ears,” Brady said.

That was just the beginning of the abuse. After having puppies, her former owner shot her.

“They’ve got no heart,” said Roquemore.

She was picked up in the Katy area by animal control and taken to the county shelter where she stayed for several days.

“She was supposed to be put down the next morning,” Roquemore said.

But this video got the attention of a rescue group from Maryland.

Brady is now fostering the dog.

“Open up my van door and she just jumps right in,” Brady said. “She knew that she was being saved she absolutely knew it.”

Kally’s left front leg was shattered by the bullet.

The vet says removing the bullet could cause more damage, and she still faces the possibility of losing the leg.

“How you could injure an animal like her that’s so gentle and so loving and only wants to give you love, there’s no excuse for it,” Roquemore said.

“We want justice for Kally,” said Brady.

A reward totaling $3,300 dollars is being offered for information about the person or persons who abused the dog.

You can e-mail any information you have to   

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