After accusing parents of medical neglect, CPS does about-face

- Court hearing after court hearing Child Protective Services made its intentions clear when it came to Kathy and Ahmed Giwa.

“They wanted termination,” said the Giwa’s attorney Julie Ketterman.

Even though no doctor could testify what was wrong with little Ali Giwa, CPS accused the couple of medical neglect and repeatedly threatened to terminate their parental rights.

Last June Kathy Giwa  accused CPS of playing God.

“Only God should be able to take your kid without being able to defend yourself and CPS has turned themselves into God they’re taking people’s kids for no reason,” Giwa said.

CPS went after the Giwa’s with a vengeance. They were threatened with sanctions for talking to me.
Last November CPS even had the parents arrested at the airport in Dallas as they were attempting to fly to Nigeria to visit a dying relative.

That prompted CPS to take the Giwa’s two daughters into protective custody as well.

“CPS stood in court under oath and said these children are still, the two girls and Ali, are still in imminent risk of physical or emotional harm by their parents,” said Ketterman.

But six weeks later CPS does a complete about face. The state agency recently filed a notice of nonsuit which completely dismisses the case.

“So it was either all a lie so CPS could get the service providers the money that they normally do through the therapist and that sort of stuff and just harassing the family or they’re hypocrites,” Ketterman said. “Maybe the concern was there this whole year but at the end of the day they’re like send them back to Nigeria let it be Nigeria’s problem.”

So what does CPS have to say?

The state agency sent us this one line statement.

“As of April 14th 2016 CPS is no longer involved with the Giwa family.” 

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