911 operator appears in court

- Crenshanda Williams may have had the time but not the inclination to say anything or explain herself as she left court on Monday -- but the prosecutor did, saying that Williams told investigators she simply didn't feel like doing her job as a 911 operator.

“She stated that she didn't think the calls were being connected and she didn't feel like talking to anyone at that moment,” said Harris County Assistant District Attorney Clare Morneau. Now, Williams is facing two counts of interference with an emergency telephone call, a misdemeanor violation.

The investigation into Williams' work began after an audit of 911 calls. Supervisors at the Houston Emergency Center noticed she had a large amount of short phone calls that resulted in calls back. One of those calls was from Hua Li trying to report a robbery.

“I started to explain the situation and before I was able to finish my first sentence, the phone call was disconnected.” said Li.            

Williams may have done that 825 times. Each charge only brings a maximum of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine, which might seem light when lives are on the line.

“This is something we couldn't imagine,” said attorney and FOX 26 News contributor Carmen Roe, who added that the charge against isn't perfect, but the best one that prosecutors can bring.

“The truth is that the law has been set up on the books to protect individuals who were in engaged in an assault when they tried to call 911, if someone interferes with their ability to call 911,” explained Roe. 

Lawmakers never planned on the person interfering with the calls would be the one who was trusted to take the calls.

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