Mom says treatment was delayed after 7-year-old injured at school

- A Houston mom is looking for answers from HISD after her daughter suffered a serious head injury at school. The 7-year-old girl ended up in the ER with a wound that wouldn't stop bleeding. 

Randi Bell sent her 7-year-old to school last Tuesday, and says she was shocked at the end of the day to find her daughter, Jarveya Moblin, with “severe injuries” on her face.

Bell says she received a call at work saying her daughter shouldn't walk home from HISD's Pilgrim Academy because she had fallen during dismissal.  Bell arrived finding Band-Aids on her daughter's face and blood flowing from a gaping head wound.

"And I questioned the school.  Why they didn't call paramedics because her head is open. She split her head open,” says Bell. 

So in rush hour traffic, Bell drove her daughter to the ER.  The first grader had five stitches to close the wound but then,  “They made me feel like I did something to my kid”.  Bell says hospital officials told her without proof the injury happened at school they are required to report her to CPS.  “And it kind of baffled me, like this is not my fault,” explains Bell. 

Who’s fault is it?  Bell says she was told although her daughter fell in a classroom, the teacher didn’t actually see it because “she was talking with a parent at the door”.
In a statement HISD says:

A Pilgrim Academy student reportedly suffered minor injuries from a fall while leaving campus on Feb. 14. The incident happened after school hours and was reported to school employees who immediately assisted the student and notified the student’s parent.

  • All policies and procedures were followed.
  • HISD’s policy for minor injuries includes; providing first aid treatment, contacting the school nurse, and making the parent aware of the situation.
  • The school nurse was not on campus at the time of the incident which happened after school hours.

Bell says she understands accidents happen but she says she doesn't understand how getting her daughter treatment was so delayed or how an injury serious enough to be reported to CPS is considered "minor".

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