4th grader can't take part in STEM after school research program because she's a girl

- "I like science because it sets off your brain and it makes you feel good about yourself and what you learn," said 9-year-old Evie Weldon.

Needless to say Evie Weldon was excited to hear about an after school research program being offered to 4th and 5th graders at the University of Houston Charter School.

It's a STEM program, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

"We're a very heavy science family," said Evie's mom Shannon Weldon.

It's right up Evie's alley but the 4th grader can't take part.

Why? Because she's a girl. The research program is for boys only.

"I think it's very rude of them and I don't like the fact that they're doing this," said Evie.

"This just feels like we've stepped back 50 years," Shannon Weldon said.

Evie's mom isn't too happy about it being boys only either.

"I am not the only parent that's bothered by this," Weldon said.

We asked Dr Jerrod Henderson the UH professor overseeing the STEM research program why girls aren't allowed to participate.

"What we saw were unrepresented boys African American and Hispanic being left out," Henderson said. "African American and Hispanic males are disproportionately represented in gifted classes but they are over represented in special education programs so programs like this are in place to counteract that."

The University tells us STEM opportunities are being offered to both boys and girls and evolve depending upon what's being researched.

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