13-year-old organ donor saves five lives

- Have you ever thought about how you can "outlive yourself?" That's a question one woman now asks after tragically losing her daughter. Taylor Storch was just 13 years old when she died. 

”It crushed our family and our world,” says Taylor’s mother Tara Storch. Thanks to Taylor’s parents, part of the teen still lives on.

“Taylor saved five lives with the gift of organ donation,” explains Tara.

The Storch family was on the first day of their spring break ski vacation in 2010 when tragedy struck. 

“Taylor and my son and my husband were skiing along and she just kind of lost control and went into the trees and hit a tree." says Tara. She and her husband Todd immediately agreed to donate their daughter’s organs.  The parents have now written a book, "Taylor’s Gift," and started a non-profit organization called Taylor's Gift Foundation all for one reason: “To register new organ donors and to get the word out about the importance of the gift of life.”

Taylor’s Gift Foundation also assists in the financial burden for donor families.

“Organ donation always comes out of an accident or a tragedy -- it just does," says Tara. "So these families are now faced with medical expenses and funeral costs they weren't prepared for”.

A second annual fundraiser for the foundation will take place April 22 at Top Golf in Spring. 

“We're needing support and sponsors and players.," says Tara. "So you can go to TaylorsGift.org and register.” You can also support the effort by choosing a pretty polish named "Taylor Blue" for Taylor’s beautiful blue eyes.

“We have coined a phrase, 'outlive yourself," says Tara. "How do you want to outlive yourself? So OPI has partnered with us to create this blue. So when people ask about your nail polish color, there’s a wonderful story behind it.” She admits that life after losing Taylor has been tough. 

“We were either going to cave up in the grief or we were going to try to find the good and organ donation was the good that came out of this,” says Tara.    

The Storch family has connected with four of the five people who received their daughter's organs. 

“When her recipient of her kidney and pancreas woke up, the first thing he wanted was cheesecake and he had never liked cheesecake," says Tara. "Taylor loved cheesecake. It was such a blessing."

You can register to become an organ donor by visiting TaylorsGift.org. “You never get over the loss of a child," says Tara. " You just learn to live your life in a different way. You live with one foot here and one foot in heaven”.   

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