Survey finds many feel pressure to overspend on holiday gifts

With just days before the "official" start to the holiday shopping season, a new survey suggests a lot of people are fed up with the whole thing.

Enough that some would give it up, completely.

The survey finds a lot of people are weary of spending more than they should. Forty-five percent of Americans say they feel pressured to spend more money, on holiday gifts, than they're comfortable with.

As a result, 13 percent of gift givers say they're willing to boycott gift-giving altogether. That's 31 million people.

Making such a choice could save a lot of money. The national retail Federation predicts the average American will spend $637 on gifts this year.

 Not all would-be shoppers are ready for such drastic measures, but they do understand the pressure.

"I have four children and I'm not going to give up gift-giving, but it sounds like a good idea," says parent Elaine Simonds, " We've gone to giving more outings than just things."

Houston etiquette expert Helen Perry understands tough choices need to be made when the budget is stretched as far as it goes.

However, she thinks gift-giving, of some sort, is essential.

It's important, she says, for the giver to give thanks -- even if it doesn’t come with a big price tag.

"You have to replace it with 'something': A thought, an act, a card or something," says Perry, "I think it's good to rethink how you're giving."

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