More opportunities to 'cut the cord' in 2018

If you're tired of dealing with frayed iPhone cables, 2018 may just be your year to make the biggest strides in "cutting the cord" not just with cable television service providers.

While much of the U.S. has already blanketed homes, offices, coffee shops and other public spaces with high-speed wireless internet, a lesser percentage of the population has cut the cord to personal headphones, helped along by the fact that newer smartphones like Apple iPhone 7, 8 and 10 models, as well as the Google Pixel, ditched the traditional headphone jack. 

Bluetooth headphones have also made great strides with improved audio quality and smaller sizes, but we may also all soon be cutting the charging cable to our smartphones during the year. 

Samsung has offered wireless charging for more than a year and Apple has added it as options to the newest iPhone 8 and 10 models. Of course, you still have to plug in the wireless charging pad, but some good news there as the technological community has agreed to a wireless standard called Chee that is in everything from cars to lamps from Ikea to tables at Starbucks stores.

The most anticipated cord to cut in 2018 is likely your broadband connection. 

AT&T announced it will be testing high-speed wireless service that can deliver fast enough speeds for 4K video streaming.. 

Verizon is also testing 5G wireless internet that promises blazing fast 1-gigabit speeds, faster than even most wired connections.

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