Smartphones, computers may be ruining your eye health

- You may have heard the concern of some people, wondering if cell phones can cause cancer. Now the greatest concern is what they're doing to your eyes. Nearsightedness has increased by two-thirds since the 1970s. That has doctors closely studying devices and computers to see how it affects the eyes. The latest studies show it is a problem. Dr. Allan Panzer with Houston Dry Eye Clinic explains more about it during an interview with FOX 26 News.

"Blue light is potentially damaging to children's eyes, especially if they're going to be on the computer screen for years," says Dr. Panzer. "These days there are new blue blocking lenses that children can wear to protect them from blue light. iPhone is coming out with a new switch on the phone to dim it, but for the meantime you need to wear blue blocking eye glasses. They have got information showing that five year olds already have damage to the macula -- the pigment in the macula is damaged by blue light. If you have usual use of iPhone and iPads it's okay, but children are on them for like nine hours a day. It affects central vision, the critical vision. Research shows it will make you more near-sighted. I don't concur with that, but I do concur with damage to pigment in the back of the eye. When children buy glasses, buy the type with blue blocking. If they don't wear glasses, they can purchase glasses with no prescription."

It's a good idea for everyone to get routine eye exams, including children. For more information, visit

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