Protecting your home from black mold

- If your home took in water from the Tax Day 2016 flooding, experts say there's a good chance you will end up with a mold problem.

Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry, PhD, from NKM Environmental Health Sciences, also known as The Tox Doc explains the health danger and how to protect yourself from it:

Mold is ubiquitous! It's everywhere and we're constantly breathing it in, but when you have a moisture event, like a flood, or leak in your house, they are drawn to it like candy, because that's what they feed off of. When you have a high level of mold, there's an opportunity for micro-toxins to be formed and released.  Number one, mold is a physical irritant when it's at high levels, so it can cause allergenic-like reactions, sneezing, coughing, central nervous effects like dizziness, but the micro-toxin can cause much worse effects. In order to do that, once you start to see physical mold, you need to get professional help. When people disturb it, it gets into the air so easily and you get high exposure, so make sure you have a company that knows how to remove it and remove at least 14 inches past that last physical point of mold, because there's invisible mold that is still growing and if you don't cut more, it can return. In this weather, don't add other scents, like plug-ins, candles, or sprays to mask odor, because then you're getting those natural toxins from the mold and then the unnatural toxic chemicals from scents. I see people doing that, trying to make their home smell better. You definitely want to avoid that. Anyone who suffered water? Get it checked!  The reason is because the wall board is like candy -- it's a perfect substrate for mold. That wall board they love and thrive on it. Even though you rip it out immediately, it travels up the wall and you don't see it right away. It effects people differently. You might not but your husband severely effected -- you have to treat it like something that is going to make the entire family healthy, because you could get sick months or years later. It can cause serious permanent damage."

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