Breakthroughs and new trends - a look back at health in 2016

            An initiative to knock out cancer, breakthroughs in organ transplants and pot for weight loss, Dr. Manny takes a look back at health in 2016

 The Zika virus causes multiple children to be born with birth defects and travel warnings all over the globe. The virus was relatively unknown until this year and is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. It is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and has caused babies to be born with mycrocephaly, which causes a deformed head and other issues. Animal studies have also found the virus could cause infertility in men. Scientists are working on a vaccine using synthetic DNA.

 New advances in transplant surgeries - The Cleveland Clinic performed the nation's first uterus transplant in February, a 26-year-old woman received the womb from a deceased donor. One day later implications caused surgeons to remove it.  Baylor University has successfully transplanted 4 organs from living donors though....with no signs of rejection.

The first penis transplant in the United States happened in Massachusetts. The  hospital performed the 15-hour procedure on a 64-year old man with an aggressive form of penile cancer.

 President Obama creates the White House Cancer Moonshot initiative aimed at using immune-based therapies to tailor treatments and cure cancer. Vice President Biden leads the task force, after proposing the idea following his son's death to brain cancer.

 Outrage over a price hike for the epipen, Mylan, which makes the emergency medicine for severe allergic reactions, boosted prices to 600 dollars for a 2 pack of syringes. That's more than 500 percent higher than the price in 2007, when the company took over. Now the company will make a generic version costing 300 dollars for a 2 pack.

 Concussion dangers came to the forefront as a new study finds the same plaques seen in people with Alzheimer's disease as those with brain injuries from trauma, and research shows a single season of football can put a child's brain at risk for traumatic brain injury if they get a concussion.

Babies should sleep in the same room as their parents for at least the first 6 months of life.     The study from the American Academy of Pediatrics finds it could reduce sudden infant death syndrome by as much as 50 percent.

 Marijuana use has been linked to a lower body mass index. A Univeristy of Miami study finds people who smoke every day have about 3 percent lower BMI than those who don't use pot at all.         

The Food and Drug Administration adds warnings for quick-release opiod painkillers to help avoid misuse and abuse. Music legend Prince died of an accidental opioid overdose in April, he was 57.

 Boxing champion Muhammad Ali lost his long battle with Parkinson's Disease this year.       He developed the disorder at age 42, likely after frequent head injuries. Ali's official cause of death was septic shock.


Actor and comedian Ben Stiller announced he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer two years ago. He is cancer free now and credits a P.S.A. test to saving his life,

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