Ask the doctor - Laser eye surgery

-         It can be a big decision to decide if corrective laser eye surgery is for you.  We talked to Dr. Allan Panzer from Houston Dry Eye Clinic to talk about the ideal candidate.  He says it definitely depends on 

your age.  "If you happen to be forty years old, and/or a little older, then your eyes are likely to be changing.  If you happen to be twenty to forty years old, at the very least, you're going to have a stable time for correction.  A patient will have to correct one eye for distance and one eye for near, or correct both eyes for distance and still need to wear reading glasses.  There in lies the difficulty in determining what that person wants.  Many people want it because they have dry eyes, but sometimes dry eyes are exacerbated by LASIK, so you have to really test them and be certain they are a good candidate," explains Dr. Panzer.

          Dr. Panzer says he also tests the cornea, because if the cornea is softer, he warns his patients that the procedure can have side effects.  

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