Aromatherapy helps epileptic child

Young Noah is about as adorable as they come, but he's also a little bit of a handful. When he was an infant, the 2 1/2 year old boy was diagnosed with infantile spasms, also known as West Syndrome.
"Which is a catastrophic form of epilepsy," says the boy's mother Jenny Ribbans."It's very serious and the prognosis can be pretty bad." As can the treatment. He's an active boy and the steroid treatment threw him into what can best be described as 'roid rage.'
"He only slept for twenty minutes at a time for six weeks," added Jenny.
Both Noah and Jenny, a single mother, were at the ends of their proverbial ropes. Then Jenny had an idea. Using her skills as an herbalist, she developed an aromatherapy spray to calm down both him and her.
"I'd spray it around him and I noticed it helped, it's not a cure for seizures," says Jenny. Other members of her online support group tried it and liked it. The next thing you know, she was selling it. The company Hebs for Noah was born.
Around a year ago, Jenny approached H-E-B about carrying the product on store shelves. The location on State Highway 6 near State Highway 90 said yes. Now, she has a deal to go into 31 stores.
Jenny says Noah hasn't had another seizure in two years. Not because of the aromatherapy, but because of the doctors at the UT West Syndrome Center for Excellence. She says instead of being disabled as often can be the case with the syndrome, with therapy Noah might be able to catch up to other kids in Kindergarten. She is deeply grateful.
That's why she's at the center to hand deliver a check, She's donating ten percent of the sales revenue to the center that's done so much for her son. It's $200 today.
"It was really important for me to give back because Noah is so fortunate obviously and hopefully, the ten percent is going to be significant." It's entirely possible. Remember, that was just from one store -- now she's up to 31.
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