Maximizing family time during spring break

- Spring break is rejuvenating and important for your kids as well as your family’s health. Taking a break from homework and the office and getting to know each other again helps you reboot, re-energize and get ready for spring. Families are concerned with their finances, and they may not have money to hit the slopes or enjoy the Disneyland experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize and enjoy your spring break together. There are so many things your kids will love and they don’t have to be big, expensive things as long as you make your focus about enjoying each other and playing together.

If you’ve waited until the last minute to schedule something, try a theme a day plan. That basically means you sit down with the family over pizza and make plans for something special to do each day.

Below is a guide of what many families find enjoyable, but you can come up with a creative plan uniquely prepared for your family:

Plan I: Pack up and head for a campground. There are great places to camp all over Texas, and it’s not too late to get your kids comfortable with sleeping in a tent and eating over a campfire. Camping also helps build unity because each family member needs to pitch in and do their share of set up and take down. You don’t have to dress up; old clothes are best. You can make this camping excursion longer or shorter depending on everyone’s tolerance of the great outdoors.

Plan II: Pack up for a day at the beach. Depending on where you live, a beach vacation is relaxing and enjoyable for most ages. There’s very little you need to pack or take with you, and most of the beaches in Texas are free or minimal cost to users.

Plan III. If you’re unable to travel, create a backyard Disneyland. You don’t need much, a slip-n-slide, Frisbee, sprinkler, music, and anything else you think will be fun to do outside. Make milkshakes, French fries and plan to play with your kids. If everyone gets to join in and suggest a game or fun activity, it makes these backyard parties the best! 

Plan IV. Get everyone involved in working on a house project. Kids may not like this idea, but they will when parents get involved and they see the results of what happens when everyone works together. Building a backyard patio, tree house, garden or game room can be fun, and your kids will especially love it if they can invite friends over to show it off at the end of the week.

Plan V. Plan a family and friend dinner party. When everyone works together to create a great menu and party atmosphere, a festive celebration atmosphere takes over. Adults enjoy the party as much as the kids do. Knowing they helped create it helps build confidence and purpose. Teaching kids teamwork begins at home.
It’s not where you go or what you do that’s most important for spring break, but rather the feeling you get after spending a week disconnecting from work and enjoying the people you love most. Spring break is an opportunity to re-connect with your kids and celebrate your family!

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