'Get my spunk back' & 'quality vs. quantity time'

- Dear Mary Jo,
I’m a 49-year-old woman and I want to know how to get my spunk back?
Thank you!
Officer D.

Dear Officer D,
Getting your groove back or your spunk requires good health and a change of attitude. Begin with a focus on having a healthy body. As you get older hormones change and a well woman checkup is a must. Secondly, body image becomes increasingly important as women age. A big part of feeling spunky is liking yourself, and it’s true when you feel good about yourself you have more energy. Begin an exercise class, join a group and focus on what makes you feel good about you. Your body hears everything you say so talk sweet about it. Take time for yourself and get rid of magazines as well as attitudes that promote a narrow view of beauty. You’re beautiful…and your smile is contagious.

Dear Mary Jo,
As two full-time working parents, how much quality vs. quantity time should we spend with our children?
Thank you,

Dear Angie,
The most important time is both quality and quantity, but there is no set amount. Working parents are able to give their children adequate time, but that demands they shut off work when they’re home. Being there for your child without looking at a screen is much better for your child than being there physically, but not emotionally. Listening without interrupting your child, taking them for walks and reading with them tells them they’re important to you, but each of these activities will lose their value if you’re on the phone at the same time.  Keep your family time sacred…when you come home to your kids shut off your work.

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