Manready Mercantile example of small business growth in Houston

After Merchant Cash USA, an alternative finance business lender, conducted a survey of organizations throughout the U.S. to determine where emerging small businesses were thriving, it has determined that Houston is the 7th on its Top Cities for Small Business Growth in 2015.
Travis Weaver, who launched his business Manready Mercantile from his apartment in 2012, is one of those Houston-based success stories. Manready Mercantile, located on West 19th Street in the historic Houston Heights, is a home for American-made goods from throughout the U.S. from independent companies that take pride in their products, such as leather boots, jeans and whiskey-soaked jerky.
Merchant Cash USA conducted the survey of 5,347 U.S. small businesses U.S. through a third-party marketing company to determine how many flourishing small businesses existed in major areas of the U.S.
Most businesses surveyed on this list employed 20 or fewer people. Tax and labor regulations as well as licensing requirements were important factors to the success of small businesses in various cities. Areas such as New York or California are less small business friendly because of strict regulations and the popularity of larger corporations.  
Cost of rent and supplies was also a major factor in the survey. Most cities on this list are not known as expensive places to "open up shop." Entrepreneurs appear to be avoiding of Manhattan, Boston, and other cities that may carry unnecessary costs, along with their zip codes.  
Top Cities for Small Business Growth in 2015 
    Austin, TX 
    Concord, NH 
    Richmond, VA 
    Denver, CO 
    Charlotte, NC 
    Boca Raton, FL 
    Houston, TX 
    Knoxville, TN 
    Salt Lake City, UT 
    Myrtle Beach, SC  
"The growth of small businesses is vital to the American economy and the modern entrepreneur," says Alex Zukovski, founder and chief executive officers of Merchant Cash USA. "The growth of small businesses across the U.S. means that the economy is on an upswing. As involved citizens, we should support local business as much as we can."  
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