Doctor encourages diet change, natural supplements to treat rheumatoid arthritis

- Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that causes the body's immune system to attack its own tissue. It can cause painful and swollen joints and even affect internal organs. FOX 26 News visited Origins Healthcare Center, where Dr. Peter Osborne says his patients often naturally heal the pain with a change in lifestyle.    

Dr. Osborne says one of the best ways to treat it is with diet change. 

"Early studies show that patients who suffer with autoimmune issues, rheumatoid arthritis is one, but also arthritis, scleroderma, all different forms of arthritis, that fasting for 48 hours is extremely effective at pain reduction," explains Dr. Osborne. He also says other research shows that eliminating some foods can eliminate pain. 

"One is grain," adds Dr. Osborne. "A lot of people have gone gluten-free and that can be effective of relieving arthritic pain and autoimmune disease. Pesticides are another trigger for autoimmune disease, so buying organic might be a  really good option for these people. In my experience, I've seen thousands of cases go into remission with that advice."  

Dr. Osborne also says that this advice often allows his patients to reduce their intake of pain medications and rely on a supplemental instead. 

"One is Omega-3 fatty acids," says Dr. Osborne. "The dose has to be adequate. A lot of the over-the-counter products, you buy them and the dose is is just not adequate -- similar to spitting on a forest fire. The dose just isn't high enough, so get 4-to-6 grams a day of highly concentrated EPA DHA Omega 3 fish oil. It can be effective at reducing pain. Some studies show this is equally effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, like Ibuprofen, at cutting down on inflammation in the body. We've seen many patients go into full remission without prescription medications with these changes, so there is hope. I have a protocol in my book, "No Grain, No Pain." It's a 30-day protocol and should notice a dramatic improvement in that short 30 day period."

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