Devices destroying eyesight, causing depression

We seem to get warnings every day about the danger of devices for children and adults. A well-known toxicologist explains why you should take exposure to devices so seriously in order to protect your eyes.

Statistics show that most people spend an average of nine hours on some type of screen or device every day. 

"That's usually longer than we sleep or work, and is especially a problem for children," says Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry from NKM Environmental Health Sciences, also known as The Tox Doc. She adds that all of that screen time can actually lead to depression. 

"We've seen there are fewer dopamine receptors for children when they spend time on digital devices," adds Dr. Khan-Mayberry. "That leads to depression. It can also cause hearing issues, attention deficit and children can't stay focused more than two minutes now, because of digital devices. Adults are having the same issues."

You may not realize that device screens also strain your eyes in a major way.  

"A digital eye reader will help," describes the Tox Doc. "There is a blue coating and it is a subtle difference. It removes that harmful UV blue light, so that you don't experience macular degeneration, because it is linked to that and you want to make sure that kids or adults have this. If they have glasses, get the coating added. Pretty much anywhere can do it. If you don't wear glasses or wear contacts, get this -- there's no prescription, it just protects you!"  

Also of importance, all of these devices including television, can cause sleep disturbances. 

"Even if you can sleep, it's not deep sleep and it's also leading to weight gain," warns   It can lead to premature aging of the eyes, as well," warns The Tox Doc.

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