Ask the Doctor: What to know about breast reduction

Shoulder, neck, and back pain are just a few of the problems that women complain about, who have large breasts.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery says a breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin so that a patient's breast size is more in proportion with their body and of course to relieve any pain associated with overly large breasts.

Dr. Mark Schusterman is a plastic surgeon in Houston who performs the procedure. He says even if a woman isn't getting support from her friends and/or family about having the procedure, the woman needs to be the one who makes the decision.

"Most women, who have large breasts and suffer shoulder, neck, and back pain, love this operation because it's 99% success rate. And I would highly recommend if she wants to have the surgery, she'll strongly consider it and be happy with it,"says Dr. Schusterman. "Many times, not most, but many times insurance will cover it."

There are a few cons to think about. There is a chance of decreased sensation in some areas and breast-feeding could be a problem.

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