State Representative Reynolds declares bankruptcy

- District 27 State Representative Ron Reynolds has filed Chapter 7, known as personal bankruptcy. While the form doesn't specifically state why, his former legal client Nancy Calloway says she knows and is not exactly shocked.

“It doesn't surprise me," says Calloway. "Even at the hearing, the judge addressed that more than likely he would file.” 

The hearing being the one where a judge ordered Rep. Reynolds to pay Calloway $500,000. Why? Reynolds represented Calloway in her daughter's wrongful death lawsuit, according to the settlement. He had won a settlement for Calloway, but she did not learn about it until two years later. Instead, Reynolds allegedly paid her ex-husband and ex-sister in law. He insists that he is innocent but lost on technicalities. He reiterated that during a visit to the FOX 26 News program Isiah Factor Uncensored.

“All I'm going to say is the allegations against me are not true and we, through my attorney, are filing the paperwork for a motion for a new trial so we can present the documentation to the court,” said Rep. Reynolds in that interview with show host and FOX 26 reporter Isiah Carey.            

Reynolds also represented the Murray family in a lawsuit and kept their settlement. A judge ordered him to pay that family almost $100,000. Both Calloway and the Murray family are among his District 27 constituents.

The state representative also insists he is innocent on the five counts of barratry, often referred to as "ambulance chasing," that he was convicted of in Montgomery County in 2015.   

FOX 26 attempted to get a comment from State Rep. Reynolds about the bankruptcy filing, even stopping by his Missouri City office. He's out of jail on bond pending his appeal and was not at the office, but in a social media posting, Reynolds said that his lawyer told him not to comment  until all the legal dust settles.

Will his bankruptcy protection protect him from  the clients who say he took advantage of them? Remember, Calloway says the judge anticipated this and set it up so it wouldn't, but it will be difficult finding assets.

“I don't think that it will be in his name, but I know that if anything is ever in his name. it'll be in my name,” explained Calloway.

The incumbent Reynolds handily won the Democratic nomination for his district and faces a Republican challenger during the November general elections.

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