New book by local woman makes accusations against Bill Cosby

- A woman in The Woodlands is now making claims of her own about Bill Cosby.  "My stomach still turns when I see Bill Cosby in his ads sitting with a bunch of youngsters”.  Those words, according to Charlotte Kemp, come from former Playboy model Cynthia Myers.  The excerpts about Bill Cosby are written in a newly-released book entitled "Centerfolds".

"I saw firsthand how he would use drugs to have sex with women.  I never shed a tear when I heard his son was murdered on the 405.  I  do feel sorry for his son that he paid with his life for the sins of his father,” Kemp reads from "Centerfolds".  Myers, the model making the accusations, is now deceased.
Houston-area resident and Former Playboy Playmate Charlotte Kemp is the author of "Centerfolds".  "It goes from one spectrum to the other.  It's not all great.  It's not all bad,” Kemp explains.  Kemp says she started soliciting stories from Playboy Playmates twenty years ago and finally published all the personal accounts in one book.
”Because I felt that we have our own stories.  The Playboy machine has their own stories of what they tell.  Each one of us have our own voices”.  Kemp claims she too was attacked by Bill Cosby at the Playboy mansion in the 1980s but she says she never filed a police report.  "He came down and just basically started crudely assaulting me, verbally and then he came over and tried to assault me physically.  I jumped over three chairs and got away,” Kemp adds.
Other famous names in the book?  "Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer, Robin Williams” to name a few.  The stories in "Centerfolds" go from the benevolent "We would raise money for charity and did a lot of really great things" to the bizarre "We used to just come out naked,” Kemp laughs.
Kemp graced the cover of Playboy in October 1983 and also appeared in the pages as a Playboy pin up.  This time her Centerfold has an ’s’ on the end and in this book, she says, the words and the pictures are all on her terms

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