FOX has biggest Friday night audience in 18 years

- "Am I wrong or is it way better on this network."
 After a huge season seven premiere last Friday on Fox, "Last Man Standing" has proven, switching networks can pay off.  Stars Tim Allen and Nancy Travis, believe their brand of comedy has a lot of heart.     
"What have you been doing up there, honey only ask questions if you really want the answers to."
Travis says: "A lot of people who watch the show, who love the show, 'a' find that entertaining and 'b' see themselves in, in these people."
Tim's character continues to be politically conservative, using his video blogs as a vehicle to express his views.  
Allen says: "Other shows pretend to have a point of view or lay it on a point of view this just happened to have a point of view. I love the larger view comedy that both sides would laugh at.  
 "Last Man Standing" clip -  "You can't be Donald Trump. 
 Why because I’m black? 
 No because you’re not orange."

And as streaming platforms continue to dominate the TV landscape, Tim values what his show is doing on broadcast.  "The shows that we are going to produce are on within three weeks of when we did them. The streaming services, it's like processed food to me it doesn't mean it's bad. It just means I don't know when it was done. And this is fresh stuff.", says Allen.

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