Take it to Akin: Metro Bus Hospitality

Three times a week Stacy Bacon takes Metro Bus to her job as an occupational therapist. Since Stacy can only see a few feet in front of her, guide dog Bettina is helps out.

"When I get on the bus I don't see very far into the bus. So I usually sit on priority seating which are the first 6 seats."

Usually all goes well. If the area for seniors and disabled riders has an able bodied person there, the driver can ask that person to give up their seat.

But Stacy said recently the bus driver didn't do that.

"He said I can't ask anyone to move out of their seat," she said.

She said, it happened again the next day.

So she contacted Metro. Metro told Fox 26 News, that since Stacy is a regular rider, the bus driver asked patrons if they would be willing to move before she got on the bus. Eventually someone did give up their seat for Stacy and Bettina.

Metro points out the driver's responsibility is to make a reasonable request for someone to move. The driver can't force anyone to move. According to Metro, the issue of making someone give up their seat is tricky, because that person is also a paying customer.

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